Lillie's message:

  Our future starts with today; 

we are the masters of our destiny

let's make it fun; let's be creative;

let's be curious;   let's make it delicious

and let's keep creating, keep learning

and share it with others

today and every tomorrow



Lillie's cooking classes provide a fun way for children to learn about making healthy food choices,  to seed awareness and behaviours for a more considered, more viable food future.

By interactively showcasing leading edge sustainable food technology, Lillie taps into the curiosity and play that drives children to create a new vision for themselves and their world.   In simple step-by-step instruction, children are introduced to new ways of thinking about the food that they eat, where it comes from and the consequences of making food decisions.

We work wtih you to prepare customised workshops to suit curriculum and your needs.  The workshops are completely versatile and can be delivered in a classroom, an assembly hall or in a garden.

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