Welcome to our new website.  We're still fine tuning it so if its not quite perfect yet - it soon will be!

TasteBugs is a new and exciting venture of some like minded community-focussed foodies and artisans.

We're creating conversations and awareness of future food technology for sustainable practice today.  We deliver well researched and cleverly curated events and experiences to communities, organisations and individuals as needed.  We are flexible, creative, versatile and capable.

We create our own future.  We don't wait for it to unfold.  We imagine it and we make it happen.  And you can too.

If the potential of future food excites you - join our exploration and share the journey with us.  We welcome you with open arms, hearts and minds.

What is Sustainable Food?

At TasteBugs, Sustainable Food means that we're building awareness to create a new vision for the future.  By starting conversations and enquiry, we are helping communities to build new relationships with each other and the way that we interact with the food chain to redefine what is possible at a local and global level.

Three things are important for our sustainable food future:

1.  We have an ecological need to live within the carrying capacity of the planet

2.  We have a social need to enable people to voice and enact their values about food

3.  We have an economic responsibility to ensure that the basic needs of all people and life are met at a global level